Feel Well And Make Stuff

I think the creative types are typically emotional. I’m emotional, albeit it may be difficult for some to see if I haven’t overreacted entirely yet. I know many of us, including myself, probably attribute what modicum of creative ability we have to our emotions, probably more so than intelligence. No to say that intelligence plays no part in creating art and whatnot, but intelligence has practical applications (like understanding where a comma goes, how to thin paint, how to create structure), but emotion and perception are what connect art to others, and without our ability to reflect some inner truth or insight, we can lose our readers’ interests.

Leaning towards intelligence alone is excellent if you’re into philosophy, or your pursuits of the arts are very different from many, but for most, for me, I would like whoever is reading or seeing what I’ve made to remember it more akin to an emotion (as in, when you watch a movie and years later, although you can barely remember it, you still have that same sense of horror or excitement, namely my continued feeling toward Jurassic Park and the raptors scene, which I saw when I was a kid and still feel that childlike squeal as they communicate in the cafeteria).

So emotion can be an excellent source of material. A great starting point in trying to learn a creative craft, but it can also be exhausting. I’ve had days of ongoing sadness, anxiety, consuming hope, and writer’s block. I’ve had times where emotion has fueled my writing, and then led to a horrible restraint, leaving me in limbo as I’m still running on anger when my story calls for happiness or excitement. I’m not sure if this is unique to me or a common difficulty, but it has been one of the reasons why I’ve tried to live better, both physically and mentally.

Physically as in I eat better and I workout more. I’ve been pescetarian for a while, but sometimes my diet has been more vegetarian or vegan. I’ve noticed there is a substantial difference in my positive outlook, as well as my ability to focus and my anxiety. Two days ago I woke up and took off without a cup of coffee, not because I wanted to, but because I thought I had already had a cup. I am an avid coffee drinker, since high school, so for me to get out of bed without a foggy brain and burning eyes is amazing to me. I’ve also developed an excellent writing habit and focus that seems to reflect in my own writing.

I’ve had to develop these skills as a habit and as a mantra to myself to have the energy and the positive willpower to continue creating things and aspiring towards goals that are a bit difficult to reach. The amount of organization and drive I need to finish projects has been difficult, but I’m learning a lot about what works for me as I go along.

(What works for you?)

PS I remember I used to count down to the days until I was done with college, now I’m impatiently counting down until I go back to grad school. I’m never satisfied it seems.




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