What’s Next!?

I wuv black pug puppies. I really want one!!!

I was accepted into a MFA Screenwriting program!! BIG WOOOT!!! I just visited the school after blinking several times at the impending debt I would face, and I loved the campus as well as the facilities available. I’ve spent a lot of my time flipping through the online catalog and imagining the classes I can take (both in my field and in editing, directing, etc.,) and I decided to take a chance (despite the cost $$$$$$ ).

So I will be going to graduate school this upcoming Fall, and I intend to hit the ground running, finding an internship, reading a plethora of film books including So You Want to Be a Producer?, Story, and Save the Cat. 

I’m also trying to work through the logistics (apartment, money, transportation) while writing and reading as much as possible to prepare myself. Right now I’m trying to finish Story by Robert McKee, and maybe I will provide a review of it when I’m finished. I also hit a wall with my intended webcomic Katnip after real life events once again somewhat bogged me down, and I was a bit too tired to push through, but it’s still a very big intention of mine to continue on with Katnip and have it up and running hopefully before I’m in grad school.

I’m really excited, and I want to try and keep blogging more consistently (but it’s sooo much harder than it seems!)

PS. This is somewhat a very down week for me after the disappointment of last week’s Sleepy Hollow. 😦  First my man Orlando Jones then ABBIE MILLS??? Why???!! That’s like breaking up Scully and Mullder or Danny Glover and Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. Why mess up a good thing? :**(



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