Gotham: Review of This Week’s Season 1 Finale, “All Happy Families are Alike”

All I have to say after last night’s season finale is whew. It did not disappoint me. It was entertaining and violent, and filled with little jewels that spur us forward in expectation of Season 2. The problem however are the holes. The Ogre episodes were unnecessary, and although I understand that the season finale needs to be much more entertaining than the lead up, I wish there weren’t so many useless episodes, and that some plot points that come to head in the finale were addressed in the previous episodes. For one, what in the world was the point of Mooney getting a new eye, being shot in a helicopter, and then arriving on a gondola back onto the shores of Gotham?

 Cool, yeah, but wtf happened to the story arc that we watched for so long? It might as well have been for naught, and I seriously sometimes dislike things that are for naught. Barbara however was given a twist that might make her character more interesting. We learn during her counseling session that she was the one who killed her own parents, and after disclosing this bit of information with a blank stare and slight lisp, she decides she’s going to kill Leslie. She runs around after her with a big kitchen knife, and Leslie ends up banging her head against the floor to make her stop. Whoa. So how is she possibly going to ever get back together with Gordon? And is this where the cannon of Batman goes wonky? Is Barbara going to Arkham?

On another note, Mooney’s encounter with Maroni was a bit askew. For one, why would she agree to be partners with this asshole? I assumed it was because she intended to connive and steal the role of the boss eventually, but I would think she’d know that Maroni is an asshole without finesse. After several “babes” I was close to shooting him as well, and I was very happy that she took the shot. I was a little irritated with the female dynamics of Gotham. Mooney is smart, clever, and very capable. Why does she constantly have to be underneath these plump, old, male bosses? I would think she’d make a heavy bid for her own election as the top dog, but she seems to underestimate her own ability. And why is Selena running around with her? Could we please have had an episode filled with minor B plots that explain how Selena is so brainwashed by Mooney (or adoring) that she’s willing to string up Gordon? She’s not that bad of a kid. (Although something must be said about Selena’s dwindling lack of character. In the beginning she is defensive of friendships, has abandonment issues, and a bit of a knack for lying, but now it seems she’s easy friends with Bruce as well as Mooney. Can we keep her character a little tighter please? Although I do like her rubbing Mooney’s cheek like a cat, it didn’t make that much sense.)

Last problem: why does the Riddler go up a creek just because Ms. Kringle figures out his name is in the letter supposedly sent by her boyfriend? I expected something better, another rude comment by Ms. Kringle or something of that sort that crushes his heart a bit or something. I believe this was because they didn’t have enough of him in the previous episodes, so there was a need to cut down his time, in the interest of keeping interest up. Great and all, but a bit rushed. Of course the episode was great. I LOVE Mooney and I’m a bit saddened by her supposed death (which I don’t believe, this lady’s too hardcore. She’s removed her own eye with a spoon WITH A SPOON, received another one, been shot in a helicopter, she’s too hard to let a little fall over a wall into the sharpy rocks of the ocean below stop her). Gordon was ready for action as usual, one man taking on the streets of Gotham! Who couldn’t love Jim? Despite the plot holes I’m still looking forward to the next season: What up with Selena? The Riddler? Is Penguin really the King of Gotham????


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