I’m Back, And Here’s a Movie I Recommend You Watch Immediately!


Almost officially graduated (which means pretty much done with graduation, symposiums, readings, etc), but have to wait until actual commencement, which is like May 15, so done done pretty much anyway. Just an update I’ve been writing writing writing in order to create a compilation of work that I can work with as I try to get published one day. Also been working as a production assistant on some short films (mostly MFA students) but it’s always fun to go somewhere like the CBS studio lot and see people play behind the scenes.

As far as TheSaved is concerned, which is something I’m still working on, it’s so much money (as far as buying the write paper, ink, and watercolor), for me to make it the way that I want that I’m putting it on the back burner. Still doing it, but other priorities that actually can be done (economically). However, I’ve made a really good start with Katnip, a webcomic I wanted to do for a while, but have only just been able to do once I’ve had my wacom tablet fixed. Yay! Read more about it here.

 I’ve been on a roll with binge movie watching and I’m so excited to recommend Housebound, a New Zealand comedy horror flick that is so subtly funny, but also extremely smart, witty and unconventional. It reminds me a lot of Evil Dead and Wes Craven, a good mix of funny and horror. It also has a very believable main character, Kylie, a total jerk whose imprisoned within her mother’s home after being caught trying to steal from an ATM. Kylie isn’t your typical tentative female hero in a horror movie, running around and gasping in shock while someone slashes through the air at her. She’s a go-getter, and has no trouble defending herself or giving you attitude. A breath of fresh air, especially in a movie that’s filled with ups, downs, and a lot of twists. It’s also an excellent show of growth, as you immediately HATE her, and then she kind of grows on you as she’s forced to grow up. Don’t mess with her though. She has a lot of creative ways of defending herself (as you’ll see once you watch the movie).


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