In this Week’s Episode of Agent Carter, the S.S.R Runs About Like a Chicken With Their Heads Cut Off

Agent Carter Proves She's Smarter Than The Other Agents... At Great Cost

The poor S.S.R. are incompetent without the underhanded investigations of Peggy Carter. This becomes glaringly apparent in this week’s episode “Snafu”. Peggy is caught by the S.S.R (not due to their own capabilities, mind you, but because of the crafty sweetness of our resident assassin Dottie) and interrogated. Their main push is for her to disclose her dealings with Howard Stark. They even go so far as to insinuate she’s been duped by his male wiles (because this sort of sexism is always their last resort). During this Peggy is adamant that Howard is innocent, and she warns them that they’re wasting valuable time. Jarvis shows up with a signed confession from Howard Stark, in which Peggy will be released and Howard will show up and turn himself in once he returns from his international travels. Unfortunately the signed confession is not from Howard, but from Jarvis who writes it in a panicked attempt to free her. So now they’re both stuck locked up together. 

Across from the interrogation room they spot Dr. Ivchenko giving orders to Dottie across the street. In morse code he tells Dottie that extraction is in 20 minutes. Peggy tries to warn the others by divulging all that she has done undercover so far, even showing them the vial with Captain America’s blood.

The men are still a bit suspicious of her, but they cross the street to find Dottie, while Dr. Ivchenko mesmerizes Dooley into complacency. In the meantime Dottie releases a strange Stark device in a movie theater, which causes everyone to attack each other. Dooley is strapped into a strange thermal, kevlar looking device, another of Stark’s inventions meant to provide some sort of service, but always ending up in maiming or destruction instead. The device is pretty much a heated time bomb. Dooley makes Carter promise to get Leviathan, and Dooley sacrifices himself by jumping through a window just as the device explodes. Dr. Ivchenko and Dottie escape, and we are left with the knowledge that Leviathan is still coming.

A fun episode,  like all of their episodes, not as capable as others, but not as bad as I anticipated, since Peggy was not in the middle of the action.

For everyone who watches Agent Carter, make sure to watch it through a legal source, such as Hulu Plus, or iTunes, in order to make sure that we can keep the show running:


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