Quick Geek Update: Syfy Is Coming Out With A Lot of Awesome Looking Shows This Year

Syfy is coming out with new shows, many of which look pretty great.

First on the schedule is Dark Matter, from writers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie who also wrote the graphic novel. The plot is centered around a crew that wakes up with no prior memories and has to work together on a derelict ship to survive. 

Then there’s Killjoys from the producers of Orphan Black, and the creator of Lost Girl, Michelle Lovretta. The series follows interplanetary bounty hunters who chase warrants in a system on the brink of war.

Then there’s Childhood’s Endbased on Arthur C. Clarke’s novel. Mysterious aliens, “Overlords”, invade Earth and establish a seeming utopia, but at the expense of unraveling humanity’s identity.

It seems like Syfy is really trying to create some great programming for this year. Perhaps the success of Sharknado prompted them to further heights? Hopefully the potential of the projects will become realized.


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