Just A Blurb: #LeftShark Days And I LUV Cinammon Dolce Latte

Hiya Everybody!

My tone (if you can’t tell) is forced. Not ¬†a very good day. A major, catastrophic job letdown and I’m trying to cheer myself up with my meager savings by riding around in my car, buying a cinammon dolce latte from Starbucks (oooh, just a kick of spices!!) and watching Billy Murray (I hate this show). I’ve decided to have a Left Shark Day, which is pretty much my version of this quirky guy:

Mad¬†appreciation for Left Shark. This carnivorous murderer of other fish decided he couldn’t figure out the dance moves so he winged it and just gyrated a bunch and flapped around like Barney In Concert. Very inspirational take on life.

I’ve decided to try having a Left Shark Day after horrifying no-money bad news, and then a disparaging drive around Beverly Hills (because I HAD to), where the streets make no sense, and everyone who drives a better car than you absolutely despises your existence and wishes to run you over.


Taking a break dudes. Maybe I’ll just wing it for a while, read some books, and grin really wide and painfully when people ask “How’s it going?”.


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