This Week Gotham Shows Us The Scarecrow’s Origins and Where to Find Our Adrenal Glands

This week Gotham was a continuation of last week’s episode, following Gerald Crane who went on a British rampage (not really, sorry if you expected that) murdering patients in his therapy circle by using their phobias against them. What. A. Jerk. This week Crane’s disturbing pastime continues. The main story follows Crane as he continues to murder and the Gotham PD continue to give chase. The murders themselves are extremely ridiculous, but entertaining. As a childhood fan of Batman the Animated Series, watching Gerald dispose of patients with phobias and then leave giant holes in their sides is nothing shocking, and everything I expect from a Batman villain. By the way, the holes are not just because Gerald enjoys intricate poking, it’s actually because he’s extracting adrenal glands to create an antidote for fear. 

This was hardly an unexpected turn, neither was Gerald’s back story explaining he was once too fearful to save his wife from a house fire. What was unexpected were the gaping holes on the sides of the victims where the glands were extracted. Is that really where they’re located?

Crane’s story was fine, but not  incredible enough for a Scarecrow back story. We do find out that Gerald over inoculates his son, causing poor Jonathan to experience his worst fear  every waking moment. We do not yet experience what will be the result of Jonathan’s fate. Overall, this episode did not need to be split into two. It would have worked more succinctly as one. In it’s current state it’s too long, not as exciting as previous episodes, and the most I’ve learned from it is that being inoculated against fear is equivalent to being inebriated: shouting a bunch, being overly aggressive and swaying in the backyard of an abandoned house.As for the other subplots running through this episode, they include  Maroni’s lack of drive.  Falcone gives Penguin Mooney’s club and promises to take care of Maroni. He goes over to Maroni’s house, perhaps  to smoke cigars, and hands over a judge that has placed a lot of Maroni’s men in jail. Along with 200,000 dollars, Falcone gets Maroni to agree not to kill the Penguin. After all that sneaking around and almost crushing the Penguin in a car, it seems it doesn’t take much for him to change his mind. .

On the other side Mooney wakes up in a weird, underground dystopia and ends up taking over by killing the unofficial leader of the group. As we expect, Mooney prepares to start running the place when another woman is thrown into their strange prison, but her eyes have been violently removed. (Has anyone else noticed black people don’t seem to do so well in Gotham? Except Mooney. A bit irritating.) There was also a Bruce and Alfred plot in here somewhere, something about Bruce walking around in the forest and twisting his ankle. It wasn’t a horrible story, but I wouldn’t have noticed if it was taken out either.


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