Quick Geek Update: NEW Spider-man Movie Is Joining the Marvel Movies Universe

Spider-Man Can FINALLY Join The Other Marvel MoviesMost of us were a bit excited about the crossovers (that have beenĀ promised to us by Marvel itself), but now you have even more of a reason to be excited now that a deal has been made between Sony and Disney for the next spider movie. Andrew Garfield will not reprise his role, and will join the ranks of Toby McGuire as a retired, veteran spidey.

Personally I don’t believe this has anything to do with Garfield’s ability. He performed very well as Spider-man, with both the snark and the lovable aspects of Peter Parker that make messing with Spider-man an eternal heart string tug. The problem is perhaps how to reestablish and reformat this new Spider-man to fit the rough, harsh, action packed world of the current Marvel Universe. This probably isn’t a world where the romances of the past Spider-man films will play a great role. In order to erase the past Spider-man movies, Marvel will also have to erase the face that came with them.

So far it seems this new Spider-man will grace our movie theaters in 2017, and this will push back other Marvel movies in production, including Thor, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and The Inhumans.


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