AGENT CARTER Finally Gets the Respect She Deserves in this episode of “The Iron Curtain”

                After a frustrating run of disrespect from her male colleagues, Agent Carter finally gets her opportunity to showcase her exceptional abilities. The mysterious typewriter that is the texting cellphone of this age, begins tip tapping away, but of course the message is entirely in code. A codebreaker is brought in to analyze and decode the message, but it’s outside of his ability. It isn’t outside of Agent Carter’s capabilities, and with her usual prim, British decorum she makes quick work of the message and states it’s a planned meeting in Russia in 24 hours for a super advanced reactor, the amount to be paid to Howard Stark. She insists that she is brought along, much to Agent Thompson’s distress, but she is able to have her way because of her connection to the apparently famous Howling Commandos tactical team. In Russia Carter practically commands the team herself, exhibiting a higher level of experience than Thompson who even freezes up during a tense shootout. It is after this experience and his increasingly obvious lack of experience that he admits that he received his medal after the war under false pretenses. It was believed that he defended his team from Japanese soldiers launching a sneak attack, but really they were carrying a white flag, a fact he didn’t realize until he’d dispatched of them.In desperation he buried the flag and the truth about that day. The mission itself was a doozy.  It seems that Leviathan intended to set up the agents in an elaborate trap that only worked if they flew to Russia. In Russia they find a facility where little girls are trained to become assassins. They also find Nikolai, a scientist trying to create one of Stark’s projects, but he is shot by his own psychiatrist after trying to hold one of the Howling Commandos hostage. The doctor leaves with the team, back to New York, and Carter is the hero, for the time being, however we already know this isn’t going to last for long. Sousa, whose coloring skills have already colored the mystery woman’s blond hair brown, also realizes that Agent Carter has the exact same shoulder wounds as the woman in the picture. This he realizes due to a locker room joke on Carter (not because of any impropriety that would kick Carter out of her apartment). Along with the threat of Sousa is Dottie, who is obviously a link to the Black Widow. She was one of the trained assassins, and her exceptionally weird behavior is really not that strange if you consider she was forced to recite from American movies while doing pushups, and was regularly handcuffed to her bed at night. Dottie, in the expected creepy fashion, snoops through Carter’s things, imitates her in the mirror, and steals a Stark item for herself before closing the door behind her. Cozy and snug in her bed, she handcuffs herself to the headboard before turning off the light. Judging from the next episode, Carter’s heroic status won’t last long, and she’s on the run from the SSR. This is a bit disappointing, as I was hoping she could at least get a week’s worth of celebration and accolades, but we can’t always get what we want.


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