Thoughts Over Ink And Coffee: Writer’s Block and Spilled Ink

I’m sketching and inking some characters out for my hopeful, I’ll-publish-it-one-day comic book TheSaved. It’s a project I’ve wanted to do for a very long time now, but every time I’ve enlisted the help of a writer they mysteriously disappear and I never hear from them again. Big bummer.

Dark roast, watercolor brushes, ink pens, and fav sketchbook for watercolor

I decided perhaps I should take matters into my own hands and begin drawing it myself, even though I do not consider myself a spectacular artist. I’m more of a dabbler, but TheSaved is more about the story to me than it is the artwork, although, as a fan of comic book art there is a certain inky, rough, and dark tonality I’d like to portray, but we’ll see how this progresses. If it fails, at least the public can witness and take notes to save themselves.

In the meantime the search for an occupation continues. They never tell you that after college you’ll waddle around like a duck six miles from a pond.  I’m learning there are possible other avenues I can take my writing: including freelancing online, proofreading, administrative, editorial careers, etc., etc., and the list of unknown possibilities widens, but never becomes assured.

I’m sure I’ll find something and look back on this time as blissful, but in the meantime I’m just horribly broke and my writing isn’t coming fast enough.

My favvvvv utencils: a geeky mechanical pencil and affordable fountain pen post to come

I would not necessarily say I have writer’s block. I once had writer’s block for two months, and since then I’ve learned rather that the best remedy is to just write anyway, even if it really sucks, even if it’s a bunch of words or a random scene without an endpoint. At the moment I’m just writing against the hazy block fog in my head, and I’ve started to come up with a lot of ideas and possible short stories. Unfortunately I can’t seem to force myself to write faster and better at the same time, which is something I want to do in order to get a lot of possible projects/book/short stories off the ground and out “There”, that place where writers can write and afford a cup of coffee.

I’m also a bit obsessive and compulsive, so I have to figure out when I’m forcing myself to continue my obligations to the craft, and when I’m ruining my own mojo. I can’t quite tell yet to be honest.

In the meantime check out my tumblr as I sketch out ideas for projects and stories.


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