Agent Carter Informs Us That People Don’t Always Want a Hug

In this episode Howard Stark comes back to New York via greedy smugglers, and shacks up at the Griffith, Peggy’s women only apartment. Of course this is equivalent to the proverbial kid in a candy store, and Howard has a groping good time dallying with Carter’s female neighbors. Despite his childish ways when it comes to women, Howard is quick to turn to business. One of the inventions stolen from his vault is The Blitzkrieg Button, a button capable of shutting off the entire electrical grid of New York without turning it back on. Or so Stark says, but we should already have demised from Stark’s sleazy interactions that he’s an absolute liar.  Agent Carter realizes this as well due to her partnership with Stark’s butler Jarvis. Jarvis, unfortunately for Stark, isn’t as sleazy as his employer, and a telling, apprehensive pull of his ear alerts Carter to Jarvis’ lie. She opens the device and finds inside a vial of Captain America’s blood. When she confronts Stark she punches him (one of many punches to come probably) and then accuses him of being a slimy, money hungry criminal. Meanwhile Souza tries to get the help of a homeless man who may have been a witness to the explosion on the docks. The man is a war veteran like Souza, and Souza tries to use this connection to obtain the man’s cooperation. This does not end in his favor, but Thomas shows up with alcohol and a burger in exchange for the man’s information. Not everyone wants a hug after the war, Thomas tells Souza. While this is happening their boss Dooley visits Germany to try and find out what happened at the Battle of Finlow where the voiceless men supposedly died. What he finds out is that their was no outright war, only a resulting massacre from which Stark and a group of men arrived on the scene.

Creepy from the beginning…

We also discover that  Carter’s new neighbor Dottie (whom I have believed to be too happy, too excited, and too strange to be just another random addition to the Griffith home) attacks Mr. Mink, one of the smugglers who brings back Mr. Stark. She becomes very lascivious and wide eyed over his automatic pistol, and when he refuses to relinquish the device she delivers some well trained moves and takes it for herself. The result of this bubbling plot is the progression towards a bigger endgame by Stark. There’s more to come, more secrets and organizations and crazy devices for Agent Carter to battle.


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