Thoughts Over Ink And Coffee: Book Haul

Notice the Christmas tree has still not been taken down

This is my book haul from the bookstore the other day. I decided since I’m trying to write reading more is necessary. I’m not sure on what my projected reading goal will be at this point. I haven’t read much outside of class for the past couple of months because of how overloaded I was with reading material for my English classes. I at one point declared I was sick of reading and decided to take a break (which lasted only two days after I graduated).

On a similar note I’m trying to write more, and I have an idea for a comic book, which I’ve decided to try and illustrate myself. As a recent college grad hoping to enter into a creative field, it’s sometimes a bit shameful explaining my goals to people. How do you justify saying I want to develop and make stories for a living? Writing, comic books, television, film, when people have acquired a reputable job of some sort in these fields everyone is excited, but when you’re starting out and the going is a bit nebulous, there’s an inevitable shadow of doubt that seems to flicker underneath everyone’s rolling eyelids.

I might be imagining the eye roll, but I don’t think so. And there are so many people out there who have progressed much farther than I, who knew when they were kids that they wanted to make movies or write, and started writing and investing in their skills at an earlier age. I haven’t. I’ve always been a bit behind. I’m learning not to be so put off by my progress, but it’s still difficult.

Instant coffee from Rome, the coffee mug has been generously borrowed from my brother-in-law

As far as the books are concerned, Adichie came to my school before I graduated and I was super impressed. Americanah was also given to students for free, and there’s nothing more tantalizing than free books. I’ve started reading it, but I’m pretty knee deep in Salem’s Lot right now. Also, I’ve never read Dean Koontz, but Odd Thomas was on Netflix one night and me and my sister decided to watch it. It was an excellent movie that made me want to buy the book. I’ve read a few pages  (to peruse and see if I wanted to continue reading it), and Koontz’s writing style is pretty impressive just from the outset.

I would really like to eventually buy more nonfiction books, or some entertaining reads on history, even if it’s historical fiction.




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