“Pittura Infamante” – Sleepy Hollow Tries To Bounce Back

I’ll say this every time, but when Sleepy Hollow first arrived I was a very big fan of its strangeness. It was silly, fun, with shots of emotion, and a cast filled with energy and chemistry. That was Season 1. Season 2 Sleepy Hollow found itself running after its own theme of craziness to no avail. Every episode was based upon the Horseman of Death, Henry Parrish, played by John Noble, who is a great actor and used to making the unbelievable enjoyable with his previous acting credits on Fringe. His acting ability was apparent on Sleepy Hollow, but not well used. Season 2 felt like a drag, not capable of deviating from Henry’s villainy or inspiring its viewers with new content.

“Pittura Infamante” is trying to get back to Season 1’s excellence. One of the problems with the beginning of Season 2, for me at least, was the excessive exposition and explanation. At every mention of a past episode, a flashback occurred depicting the very scene one of the character’s described. This was a redundancy that bogged down the flow. The plots of Season 2 were bordering on stupidity, and while “Pittura Infamante” was silly, it was ridiculous in an endearing, entertaining way, the sort of cheesy episode that would occur on Buffy (one of my all time favorite shows).

The dynamic and tension between Abbie and Irving was difficult for me to watch (I’m very much so TeamIrving, but I also like how mean and to the point Abbie can be sometimes), however it was practical and necessary for the plot. He did indeed just come back from the dead, and his soul was signed over to the Horseman of Death. I’d be a little weary of possible evil trickery as well. I was much more invested in Abbie’s B plot than Ichabod and Katrina’s A plot. The reason for this being because of Katrina’s forced presence.

I understand the balance of dynamics we receive with the characters. Abbie is the law, Ichabod is the past, Jennie is the outlaw, Nick Hawley is the man who can get anything, and Katrina is the magical element, and between them there are various possibilities for the development of the show, but Katrina’s witch powers have not added any new element, and her presence, honestly, is a bit dragging. I preferred when she was in purgatory.

At this point Sleepy Hollow has to reconsider the vast options it possesses and what it can do with that arsenal to create more plot. At the moment Sleepy Hollow is a little too dependent upon its own franchise, trying somewhat too hard to find every historical figure they can possibly add to Ichabod and Katrina’s list of buddies. Please stop this before it’s too late. Abigail Adams was so unnecessary to the plot of this show that I felt as if someone must have injected her into this plot as a rushed afterthought. There are so many other options besides flashbacks and one villain, in fact, having these forced flashbacks takes away from the show’s pace sometimes.

In general this was such a vast improvement, and I’m very happy with it. I’m hoping that the show will continue to improve until it becomes comparable to the ending of Season 1. I’m still invested, and I love the cast and the quirky premise, so I’m hoping they’ll figure out how to wrangle down a formula for Sleepy Hollow that’ll actually work in the long run.

Also, sorry Katrina, but Ichabod and Abbie are the best team ever, so don’t try this again please.


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