Xbox One Woes

I still have the Xbox 360, unfortunately I don’t have the cash to invest in an Xbox One (although I’m tempted with titles such as Evolution promising to revolutionize game play), but at the moment being a new college grad and investing three hundred dollars in a gaming system seems over the top. Not to worry though. Witcher 2 was released for free to all Xbox Gold members, although the moment it was released a system wide glitch made half the games on the market vanish. I wallowed in frustration for a bit, but it was rectified the next day and I’ve been playing it since (or as much as I  can).

So far I’m impressed by the storytelling . Not only of the Scoia’tael and their conflict with the humans, but the overall ambiguity of morality present in the game. I was especially on board once I started fighting the kayran (can’t we just say kraken?), whose tentacles had to be lopped off one by one before it was crushed (is it some sort of trope for monsters in videogames to ultimately be crushed by pillars of an ancient building? Shouldn’t they stay away from ruins then? Someone should tell them).

On the plus side Sleepy Hollow returns tonight, hopefully it will veer back to its traditional quirky, but entertaining roots. I wasn’t so impressed with the beginning of Season 2, but here’s hoping tonight’s will be better. Go Team Abbie!!! (Still kinda despise Katrina a bit. They need to do something with her.)


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